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"Assisi is a living museum, a place where you can walk the same streets that St. Francis did and experience the same sense of peace and simplicity that he found here."  ~ Rick Steves


Assisi is a  medieval paradise, a treasure that transcends time. Assisi provides a beautiful view of the Umbrian countryside, this Italian town is an exceptional example of historical and architectural significance that is guaranteed to leave you spellbound. Its narrow paths and winding streets, add charm to the Gothic and Romanesque buildings that date back centuries, include the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Basilica of San Francesco, the ultimate jewel in the crown. 


We happened to arrive during The Calendimaggio festival which  takes place in early May and is unlike any other experience. As we finally made it up all the stairs with our stuffed backpacks to the town, the atmosphere was lively and fun with the beat of drums echoing through the streets. The streets were lined with colorful flags and banners, the people started showing up wearing  traditional costumes. The festival felt like a real portal to the Middle Ages. It was impossible not to get caught up in the celebration.The Calendimaggio festival is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you cannot miss out on. It is a magical journey back in time.


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